Strategic Human Resources

Human Resouces is uniquely able to drive a company's success because companys are created out of just two things: cash and people.  In fact, people are the sine qua non of a company's success.

But to be effective, HR programs and practices must be implemented strategically, aligned with one or more elements of the HR Mosaic.

Even small companies, with just a few programs, need to keep a long-term strategy in mind when implementing new HR programs for scalable growth. And if a company is just starting out, there is a preferred sequnce to implementing programs to ensure that second things don’t come first.

Some of the HR-related issues to tackle strategically:

  • Mission, Vision, Values
  • Engagement Culture
  • Strategic Planning
  • Annual & Quarterly Planning
  • Annual & Quarterly Objective Setting
  • Annual & Quarterly Objective Reviews and Action Planning
  • HR Strategic Planning Linked to Company Planning
  • Headcount Planning
  • HR Metrics
  • HR Program Development & Implementation
  • Employment Contracts

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