Executive Coaching & Mentoring

I’ve not yet met the founder who said she created her company so she could manage a lot of people. Most avoid it for as long as they can. And yet, managing people well is absolutely essential to every company’s success.

We can help by coaching and mentoring leaders on the basics of managing their people and helping develop the discipline to do it well. We can develop training programs to ensure all members of the leadership team are on the same page, supplemented by one-on-one coaching for specific individuals or situations.

Typical elements of executive coaching and mentoring include:

  • Principles of managing employees
  • Performance management
  • Performance and Pay
  • Discipline programs vs. coaching programs
  • How to have difficult conversations
  • Manager-employee role-play exercises
  • Interviewing questions and techniques
  • Meeting management
  • Leadership Development Planning
  • Termination meetings

GroHR can help develop exemplary management skills for entrepreneurs and their leadership team. Contact us to discuss your needs or set up a free consultation.

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