Engagement Culture

An engaging culture is the relationships between employees and the company. The amorphous shared understanding of what it’s like to work at a company and what it means to contribute to success.

It’s as much the company’s long term ambitions as it is how daily problems get surfaced and solved, and making sure they’re consistent. But to make it engaging, it’s all about listening and responding to employees.

Great company culture and strong employee engagement don’t just happen. A company’s habits, practices, communications, and reputation must all be aligned, consistent, and supportive of the company’s vision.

  • Employee Experience
  • Regular Employee Surveys
  • Employee Focus groups
  • Executive Review of Results
  • Enagagement Action Planning
  • Communication Planning
  • Periodic Reviews and Feedback
  • HR Guides

groHR can help you develop your own surveys or work with our partners to implement robust data driven surveys. We have experience with surveys, focus groups, and follow up action planning to deliver dramatic and sustainable improvements to employee engagement. Contact us to get started.

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