Employee Communication

Keeping the channels of communication open with accurate and timely information is essential to having an engaged and focused team of employees. Primarily focused on keeping employees aware of significant events and aware of progress against quarterly and annual objectives, it’s also focused on listening to employee feedback in real time. It creates a powerful dialogue to help the organization pull together as an effective team.

In medium-sized or disperse organizations, it helps create that often elusive focus and ensure employees and executives spend time together in person. Comprehensive employee communication comprises the following key initiatives:

  • Annual Communication Plan and Schedule
  • Dates linked to quarterly results or known milestones
  • Visual reminders of Mission, Vision, Values
  • Visual Reminders of Objectives and Progress
  • Online portals and virtual spaces for employees
  • Employee newsletters
  • Apps for informal communication
  • Skip Level meetings
  • Lunch and learn sessions
  • Guest speakers & internal experts
  • Social events
  • Annual gatherings

GroHR can help you develop the communication plan to best suit your company and help drive the discipline to keep the plan on track. Contact us to discuss your needs or set up a free consultation.

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